Edward Kibbe (Keebe)



In the old burying ground by the Congregational church in Wakefield,
Massachusetts, is an ancient stone bearing this inscription:

"Here lyes ye body
of Edward Keebe
Aged 97 years
Died November 1, 1694"




Edward's parents were Edward and Deborah Kibbe of Exeter, England. There is an obvious difference between the birth date and the age at death as marked on the gravestone. Since there is no reason to doubt the parentage and birth records, we must attribute the difference to the man marking the stone or to the fact that the elderly tend to forget their exact age.

Edward Kibbe was active in affairs of his community as indicated by some records of his service. In 1612, he was appointed Clerk of Market, a position created, probably, to give the Muddy River area representation in Boston Markets. From 1666 to 1683, he served intermittently as surveyor of highways.

In 1674, Edward and his wife are listed as contributors to funds for the second meeting house in Roxbury, Massachussets.

1.Mary, 1640-1735
2.James, 1642-1681
3.Elisha, 1644-1735
4.Deborah, 1647
5.John, 1650-1652
6.Reuben, 1652-1652
7.Elizabeth, 1654
8.Rebecca, 1657
9.Joshua, 1661-1731
10.Hannah, 1663-1695

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